The Thicklin Family Fire Relief


July 2, 2018 - On June 13, 2018 Chairsea, Dennis Sr. and Dennis Jr. Thicklin were victims of a horrific fire in Riverview, Florida. 

Thankfully, the family is safe and uninjured, but nearly everything in their place is unretrievable. 

Dennis Jr recently graduated high school and started an app development business over the summer. Unfortunately, he was not able to save his laptop, which holds all of his programming software. This is a set back for his business. He is to go to college this fall semester and he would appreciate the help to replace his laptop. 

The rest of the family, including daughters, Denisela and Raymiya belongings, must be replaced. 

Please help us raise funds to allow them to get their life back together, replace items and sustain them for this transitional period. Every little bit counts. Visit to donate.

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