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THE ROYALE by Florida Native Marco Ramirez

Only 4 chances left to catch the show both audiences and critics love! 


From an award-winning writer on the hit TV series Orange Is the New Black comes one of America’s hottest new plays. Jay “The Sport” Jackson wants nothing more than to prove he’s the best boxer in the world. However in the Jim Crow era, his chances are as good as knocked out. When a boxing promoter hatches a plan for “the fight of the century,” The Sport just might land a place in the ring with the reigning white heavyweight champion. But is the country ready for this face off? Through the sights and sounds of the early 20th century boxing circuit, THE ROYALE packs a punch that will leave you breathless. Visit for more information. 

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Thursday, October 19 | 8PM
Friday, October 20 | 8PM
Saturday, October 21 | 8PM
Sunday, October 22 | 3PM

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States that elected Donald Trump, including Florida, most affected by his health care decision

October 18, 2017 - President Donald Trump‘s decision to end a provision of the Affordable Care Act that was benefiting roughly 6 million Americans helps fulfill a campaign promise, but it also risks harming some of the very people who helped him win the presidency. Visit for more information. 

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The Mayoral Morning After…

October 18, 2017 - This local election cycle has been remarkable in a number of ways. The Mayor’s race has set new highs (and lows) for money, misinformation and malice. Friends and even family members have split alliances among mayoral and city council candidates. Even President Obama has weighed in with an endorsement for Mayor Rick Kriseman. And throughout the campaign, social media has served up campaign news, and fake news, on a non-stop basis. But regardless of the election outcome, we must resolve to focus on the truly important issues that are impacting our community every day. Political campaigns come and go, but the morning after the election, our community will still be faced with significant challenges and opportunities that will determine our collective progress. Visit for full article. 

Category: Government & Elected Officials


Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL, alleging collusion by team owners to keep him unsigned

October 17, 2017 - In an official grievance filed Sunday against the NFL, Colin Kaepernick alleges he remains out of the league due to team owners punishing him for kneeling during the national anthem. The former 49ers quarterback became a free agent in March. No team has given him a shot. Mark Geragos, one of Kapernick’s attorneys, released an official statement about the grievance on Twitter. Visit for full article. 

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Shonda Rhimes becomes third black woman in the TV Hall of Fame

October 17, 2017 - On Thursday, Shonda Rhimes was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame, making her the third black woman to receive this honor. The first was Oprah Winfrey, who was inducted in 1993, and the second was Diahann Carroll, who was inducted in 2011. “All of these individuals are innovators who have shaped television and left an indelible mark on the medium and our culture,” TV Academy chairman and C.E.O. Hayma Washington said in a statement. “We are honored to welcome the latest group of distinguished individuals and look forward to showcasing their impacts for future generations.” Visit for full article. 

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Bethune-Cookman University Awarded Research Contract from the U.S. Department of Energy

October 17, 2017 - New Research Contract to Enhance Academic Enterprise by Engaging Students in Research and Innovation. Bethune-Cookman University (B-CU) has been awarded a one-year $178,000 contract by the U.S Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management (DOE-EM). The contract has an optional 2nd and 3rd year, if exercised. Through this contract B-CU will conduct research in support of the DOE-EM's soil and groundwater remediation program. The research project is led by B-CU biology professors: Dr. Raphael D. Isokpehi, Dr. C. Ainsley Davis and Dr. Baraka Williams Mapp. Visit for full article. 


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Millennial Groups Make a Stand to Give Back to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

October 17, 2017 -  “The struggle is real,” said Joshlyn Thomas, B-CU Alumni Affairs Coordinator. Upon graduation, students are strongly encouraged to give back to their alma mater. How is this done when young alumni has not secured a stable job or income? Not to mention payment of loans. Graduates between the ages of 21-40 are considered young alumni and fall in the “millennial” demographic. With such prestige as the only HBCU named after an African-American woman, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, B-CU has been low on the list to increase its alumni giving. As HBCU alumni giving rates fluctuate, this year B-CU has taken the charge to cultivate the “young alumni group,” to raise awareness and funds for current students. Visit for full article. 

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Trump To Cut Off Billions In Key Obamacare Payments To Insurers

October 13, 2017 - President Donald Trump plans to halt payments to health insurance companies serving the poorest customers on the Obamacare exchanges, the White House announced Thursday. Trump has threatened to withhold these funds, valued at $7 billion this year, since shortly after his election victory last November. The threats alone have roiled the health insurance market, and if he follows through, it promises to be significantly disruptive. Trump will make an announcement Friday, according to Politico, which first reported the news. Visit for full article. 

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How 2 Math Grads are Disrupting the Auto Insurance Industry

October 13, 2017 - 

Jacksonville, Florida – Recent articles indicate that only 5% of drivers pay less than $50 a month for car insurance – but EverQuote is changing that.

Are you aware that you could receive a large discount just for using this new startup's service? In addition, if you are currently insured and live in a qualified ZIP code you may get an extremely high discount. For a long time, there was no easy way to compare quotes from all of these huge car insurance companies. You had to check one site, then jump to another and enter all of your information all over again. Drivers were stuck doing all the work to save money. Now, all that is changing. Thanks to this new startup, EverQuote™, the information you need to help you save can be found in one place. EverQuote™ is not an insurer, but a comparison shopping marketplace. Featured in the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing companies for 2017, it is not a question that customers are finding what they are looking for - lower quotes. Visit for full article. 

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Slavery-Simulation Game Outrages Parents in Phoenix

October 13, 2017 -  Want to learn about slavery? Put down the history books, forget about teachers and just step into the life of 14-year-old slave Lucy King as she tries to escape from a Kentucky plantation. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Well, no, it’s not. And parents in a Phoenix school district are outraged. The Phoenix Elementary School District apparently has no idea how the “Mission US: Flight to Freedom” video game, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Humanities, made it to the district’s classrooms, but district parents are not pleased that something they feel trivializes slavery was used as a learning tool. Visit for full article. 

Category: History, Art & Culture Organizations


Lionel Richie to Produce Biopic About Curtis Mayfield's Extraordinary Life

October 13, 2017 - Lionel Richie just secured the rights to bring Curtis Mayfield’s life to the big screen. 

Richie, a former member of the Commodores, will be producing the movie under his RichLion Productions company, according to Deadline. “It’s an honor for me to bring the life of one of my idols and friend to the screen,” Richie said. “I’m so grateful to be working closely with [Mayfield’s widow] Altheida Mayfield, [son] Cheaa Mayfield and the Curtis Mayfield estate and couldn’t be happier to be moving forward on this amazing project about a one-of-a-kind music genius.” Visit for full article. 

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BIE, Felecia: Fighting for Jutice and Our Basic Human Rights Isn't Extremism

Ocotber 12, 2017 - They are trying to turn black people into the bogeyman. They want everyone else in America to see us as a threat so that when we are killed with impunity, no one bats an eyelash. This is already happening anyway. In a country that was founded on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it appears that you can fully reap those benefits only if you are not black, and if you are black and want those benefits, then you need to keep your mouth closed so that you can have the illusion of getting them. Visit for the full article. 

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Jamele Hill Suspended From ESPN for Social Media Post

October 12, 2017 - ESPN anchor Jemele Hill, who once tweeted that Donald Trump is a “white supremacist” (still looking for the lie), has been suspended for two weeks after violating what the sports station is calling “a second violation of social media guidelines.” This tweet apparently was considered a violation of some sort because ESPN wants its news anchors to act like white allies and not see color. ESPN still decided to suspend the popular anchor, who is active on social media and often engages with her followers. 

“Jemele Hill has been suspended for two weeks for a second violation of our social media guidelines,” the network said in a statement. “She previously acknowledged letting her colleagues and company down with an impulsive tweet. Visit for full article. 

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Trump Threatens To Yank FEMA Responders From Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

October 12, 2017 - President Donald Trump on Thursday threatened to withdraw federal aid from Puerto Rico as the U.S. territory continues struggling to recover from back-to-back hurricanes. In a series of tweets, Trump quoted conservative journalist and frequent Fox News guest Sharyl Attkison blaming Puerto Rico for its festering financial crisis and suggested Federal Emergency Management Agency aid could soon end.

“Congress to decide how much to spend,” Trump tweeted. “We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!” Visit for full article. 

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Tampa Bay Rays remodel a Campbell Park Elementary room for students

October 10, 2017 - The students at Campbell Park Elementary will have a new incentive to attend school and exhibit positive behaviors thanks to the Rays Baseball Foundation.  The Rays Baseball Foundation remodeled and furnished a room at Campbell Park Elementary School. The remodel is intended to encourage students to attend school and exhibit positive behaviors. Donated items included televisions, a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and arts and crafts stations, among others. Visit for full article.

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St. Petersburg Collegiate High School named a National Blue Ribbon School

October 10, 2017 - St. Petersburg College has been recognized as an Exemplary High Performing School National Blue Ribbon for 2017 by the U.S. Department of Education. The award recognizes SPCHS for being among the state’s highest performing schools as measured by state assessments or nationally normed tests. “I am immensely proud of our students and grateful for the dedicated St. Petersburg Collegiate High School and St. Petersburg College faculty and staff who guide and inspire our students to become scholars and leaders who achieve their goals,” said Starla Metz, Principal, St. Petersburg Collegiate High School. Click here for full article

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The Root 100 Most Influential African Americans in 2017

October 9, 2017 - Jordan Peele named #1 on the list of Most Influential African Americans in 2017 

Jordan Peele has a gift for showing people themselves: their natural ridiculousness, their wild contradictions, their racial and cultural quirks. Drawing on his well of satirical wit, Peele wrote, produced and directed Get Out, easily the most discussed, dissected and memed movie of the year. His first major film release opened at No. 1 at the box office and shattered the record for highest-grossing debut ever, earning more than $250 million, which comes out to be something like 55 times its modest $4.5 million production budget. In the horror flick—his favorite genre—he put the Sunken Place on the pop culture map and exposed the 1,000 social cuts black people experience daily. Visit for full article. 

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From Covicted Felon to Attorney: Reginald Dwayne Betts Wins Approval to practice law in conn.

October 9, 2017 - One extraordinary man is proving that it’s never too late to turn your life around, going from one-time convicted felon to attorney-at-law after winning approval on Friday to practice law in Connecticut after a state panel reviewed his moral character. 

According to the Associated Press, 36-year-old Reginald Dwayne Betts, an esteemed, award-winning author and a graduate from Yale Law School, can now add another feather to his cap after the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee recommended him for admission to the state bar. Visit for full article. 

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America’s First Memorial to the Victims of Lynching Hanged, Burned, Shot, Drowned, Beaten

October 5, 2017 - On the corner of Washington and Decatur streets in Montgomery, Alabama, a visitor can feel history pressing in from every side. Just down the street is the church where Martin Luther King Jr. and others planned the Montgomery bus boycott. Two blocks away sits the First White House of the Confederacy, where Jefferson Davis once lived. But although the city is crowded with historical markers—including, by one count, 59 Confederate memorials, and a similar number devoted to the civil-rights movement—you won’t find many markers of the racial violence following Reconstruction. Visit for full article. 

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Obamas Celebrate 25th Anniversary

October 4, 2017- Barack and Michelle Obama celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. The former First Couple wed on October 3, 1992. To mark the milestone, Michelle shared the above photo from their nuptials on Twitter, writing, “Happy 25th anniversary @barackobama. A quarter of a century later, you’re still my best friend & the most extraordinary man I know. I [love] you.” The happy occasion comes after Gossip Cop spent the last year and a half busting false reports of marital trouble and a possible split. Visit for full article. 

Category: History, Art & Culture Organizations

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