Bodycam Footage Shows Vallejo Police Shoot Willie McCoy While Asleep in Car

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Vallejo Police have released footage of the killing of 20-year-old Willie McCoy, who was in his car at a Taco Bell before six officers shot into his vehicle.

The body cam footage supports claims made by McCoy’s family who said their loved one, who rapped as Willie Bo with group FBG, was not alert when shot.

The footage can be seen below. The shooting begins 19:58 into the video.

Vallejo Police have claimed that the officers fired into McCoy’s vehicle due to fear for their own safety. The 30-minute body cam video shows officers calmly assessing the situation for minutes before opening fire.

According to the Guardian, Vallejo police slowed the footage down to caption the moment they believe McCoy reached for a gun officers claimed was on his lap. The British paper said the police failed to capture McCoy’s hand moving to a firearm, which could not be seen in the footage.

Witness video filmed from a distance in the parking lot confirms Vallejo police officers decided to shoot before giving commands.

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