New Space on the Deuces, Deuces Live, Inc. Gauging Interest

New space 4

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Deuces Live, Inc., during a presentation at a One Community meeting, discussed the possible development of small retail units that would be constructed on the Deuces corridor for rental and sale. This plan is moving toward execution (!) and Deuces and partners are attempting to gauge the market for pre-sales and pre-lease of the new units, which may become available soon.

We expect to develop a cluster of units within a single building, with micro-office spaces that are 65 square feet, 160 square feet, and 200 square feet, and a single 2,400 square foot retail space. Projected lease rates are $24 per square foot per year plus expenses, and sales prices are $22,500 to $70,000 per unit.

The linked documents below provide additional information for prospective tenants and buyers. 

If interested in receiving more information about space leasing or purchase in the new facilities, please complete this brief interest survey

With questions about leasing or purchasing space within this development, please contact  Veatrice Farrell, Executive Director, Deuces Live, Inc., 727-433-8237,