NRA Could 'Be Forced to Shut Down Forever,' Says Executive Vice President

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre hit group members with a four-page letter. In it, he blamed the group’s financial woes on Andrew Cuomo, who ordered state regulators to encourage insurance companies, state-chartered banks and financial services companies to review their relationships with the NRA.

According to The Daily Beast, LaPierre believes the threat is imminent.

Banks are backing out of business with the gun owner’s group that remains silent when black gun owners are killed by police. Mounting pressure could cripple the group, LaPierre said.

“Right now we’re facing an attack that’s unprecedented not just in the history of the NRA, but in the entire history of our country. And if this attack succeeds, NRA will be forced to shut down forever,” LaPierre wrote.

While a suit by the NRA alleging Cuomo violated First Amendment rights is moving forward after a November court decision, the suit claims the association has suffered millions in damages as a result of Cuomo’s directive, warning it “could be forced to shutter its multimillion-dollar television network, NRA TV, or a number of its print publications.”

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