'Racist' Florida Republican bill raises deportation threat: 'People are afraid'

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April 3, 2019

Five-year-old Roxana Gozzer hasn’t seen her father for weeks and does not know the next time she will. Walter Gozzer-Sing never returned home from a “routine” check-in with immigration officials in February. After a month in detention, he was placed without notice on a flight from Miami to Peru. His sudden deportation left the family – including two US citizen children – without their only source of income.

Roxana has become a face of a titanic battle in Florida over a “racist” bill that has united activists, Democrats and some police chiefs in opposition. If state bill 168 passes, they say, many more families will face separation.

Under the proposed law, sponsored by a hardline Republican who was Donald Trump’s state chair in 2016, local authorities and law enforcement agencies would effectively become federal immigration agents with a responsibility to report and detain undocumented migrants.

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