Texas Tech School of Medicine will not consider race in admissions process, per agreement with Trump administration

Sunday, April 14, 2019

April 14, 2019

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine will not consider race or national origin as a factor in its admissions process, according to an agreement the school entered with the Department of Education in February.

The agreement concludes a 14-year-long investigation into the school's use of affirmative action in its admissions process after someone who did not end up applying to the school filed a complaint with the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights in 2004. The Department of Education's office began the investigation in July 2005, according to department spokeswoman Elizabeth Hill.
The agreement states that the school of medicine will stop considering race and/or national origin "as part of the holistic admissions process." If the school decides to use race as a factor in the admissions process again, it must notify the Department of Education and provide a "reasoned, principled explanation" for why it plans to do so, according to the agreement.

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