Young Black Americans who want to explore their roots can take a free birthright trip to Africa. Here's how

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

There are a lot of things that make up who we are as people. Our physical features, our pet peeves, our passions -- and our roots. It's a puzzle we spend our entire lives trying to finish.

As human beings, we are complex and difficult to understand. But sometimes, looking back at where we came from and discovering the successes, struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors can make that puzzle a bit more complete.
For young black people, that discovery can mean the world.
That's why Birthright AFRICA, a nonprofit organization based in New York City, offers free trips to Africa for youth and young adults of African descent looking to explore their cultural roots. The organization also funds local and national exploration in cities like New York City and Washington, where scholars live and are a bus ride away from gaining an understanding of their history and contributions in the US before visiting the continent.
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